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Bulk Products

People love candy! And why not? It makes us smile, it’s fun to share—well, sometimes—and it’s an inexpensive way to reward ourselves. Because of this, specialty retail stores and online sellers come to Zachary for the best tasting, high quality, high value chocolates, mello cremes, candy corn, and jellies to sell in bins or re-package under a private own label.

We make nearly all of our everyday favorites and seasonal candies available for purchase in bulk quantities. Buying in bulk allows you to take advantage of value pricing in quantities that fit your individual needs.

All of our confections are shipped in protective packaging. All bulk confections are the best quality; you will be proud to put your name on them!

We are preferred by specialty retailers across the country. But we’re always ready to add more! Contact Zachary Sales and let’s start some sweet talk!

Everyday Panned "Z" Line Chocolates

Chocolate Panned Peanuts

Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins

Mini Caramels

Chocolate Covered Almonds

Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins

Dark Chocolate Mini Mints

Dark Chocolate Almonds

Dark Chocolate Mini Caramels

Bridge Mix

Milk & Dark Raspberry Mini Cremes

Milk & Dark Vanilla Mini Cremes

Everyday Chocolates

Double Dipped Peanuts

Caramel Nut Clusters

Caramel Pecan Clusters

Milk Chocolate Caramels

Real Chocolate Creme Drops

Maple Nut Clusters

Vanilla Nut Clusters

Peanut Clusters

Milk Chocolate Pretzels

Dark Chocolate Double Dipped Peanuts

Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters

Dark Chocolate Caramel Nut Clusters

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Dark Chocolate Orange Slices

Dark Chocolate Cherry Slices

Chocolate Flavored - Bulk

Creme Drops

Cherry Creme Drops

Maple Items - Bulk

Double Dip Maple Nut Treats

Maple Peanut Clusters

Yogurt Items

Yogurt Pretzels


Assorted Fruit Rings

Orange Slices

Spice Drops

Gum Drops

Spearmint Leaves

Fruit Slices

Cherry Slices

Citrus Slices

Individually Wrapped Jellies

Assorted Fruit Jells

Orange Jells

Sour Jells

Assorted Sour Drops


Cherry JuJu Coins

Assorted JuJu Coins

Assorted JuJu Drops

Cinnamon Bears

Black Bears

Uniquely Flavored Candy Corn - Bulk

Raspberry Lemonade Candy Corn


Holiday Jelly Mix

Christmas Spice Drops

Jelly Wreaths

Jelly Bells

Holly Berries

Holiday JuJus

Holiday Corn

Christmas Mello Creme Mix

Holiday Pretzels

Valentine's Day

Valentine Corn

Valentine Mello Creme Mix

Sour Cherry Jelly Hearts

Cinnamon JuJu Hearts

Cherry JuJu Hearts

Valentine Spice Drops

Cinnamon Jelly Hearts

Cherry Jelly Hearts

Valentine Pretzels


Candy Corn

Mello Creme Pumpkins

Autumn Mix

Fall Festival Mix

Indian Corn

Orange & Black Spice Drops

Fancy Jelly Pumpkins

Sour Jelly Pumpkins

JuJu Pumpkins

Candy Corn 1oz. (Individually Wrapped)

Caramel Apple Candy Corn

Caramel Candy Corn

Blackberry Cobbler Candy Corn

Smores Candy Corn

Halloween Pretzels - Yogurt Flavor

Halloween Pretzels - Pumpkin Spice Flavor


Easter Corn

Easter Mello Creme Mix

Sour Eggs

Jelly Eggs

Easter Jelly Mix

Easter JuJu Mix

Easter Sour Mix

Easter Pretzels