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Nutritional Information - Bulk Products

PDF File Category Product Description
05-740 Chocolate Flavored - Bulk Creme Drops
05-742 Chocolate Flavored - Bulk Cherry Creme Drops
Christmas Holiday Corn
05-838 Christmas Christmas Mello Creme Mix
05-837 Christmas Holiday JuJus
05-831 Christmas Christmas Spice Drops
05-832 Christmas Jelly Wreaths
05-833 Christmas Jelly Bells
05-939 Christmas Holly Berries
60-115 Christmas Holiday Pretzels
Christmas Holiday Jelly Mix
Easter Sour Eggs
Easter Jelly Eggs
Easter Easter Mello Creme Mix
Easter Easter JuJu Mix
Easter Easter Sour Mix
15-547 Easter Easter Jelly Mix
Easter Easter Pretzels
Easter Easter Corn
05-748 Everyday Chocolates Double Dipped Peanuts
05-648 Everyday Chocolates Dark Chocolate Double Dipped Peanuts
05-621 Everyday Chocolates Caramel Nut Clusters
05-620 Everyday Chocolates Caramel Pecan Clusters
05-635 Everyday Chocolates Milk Chocolate Caramels
05-645 Everyday Chocolates Real Chocolate Creme Drops
05-743 Everyday Chocolates Maple Nut Clusters
05-744 Everyday Chocolates Vanilla Nut Clusters
05-749 Everyday Chocolates Peanut Clusters
05-649 Everyday Chocolates Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters
Everyday Chocolates Milk Chocolate Pretzels
05-422 Everyday Chocolates Dark Chocolate Caramel Nut Clusters
05-413 Everyday Chocolates Dark Chocolate Orange Slices
05-418 Everyday Chocolates Dark Chocolate Cherry Slices
05-706 Everyday Chocolates Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
05-705 Everyday Chocolates Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
60-000 Everyday Panned "Z" Line Chocolates Chocolate Panned Peanuts
60-002 Everyday Panned "Z" Line Chocolates Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins
05-404 Everyday Panned "Z" Line Chocolates Mini Caramels
05-405 Everyday Panned "Z" Line Chocolates Chocolate Covered Almonds
05-403 Everyday Panned "Z" Line Chocolates Bridge Mix
05-401 Everyday Panned "Z" Line Chocolates Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins
05-408 Everyday Panned "Z" Line Chocolates Dark Chocolate Mini Mints
05-405 Everyday Panned "Z" Line Chocolates Dark Chocolate Almonds
05-409 Everyday Panned "Z" Line Chocolates Milk & Dark Raspberry Mini Cremes
05-410 Everyday Panned "Z" Line Chocolates Milk & Dark Vanilla Mini Cremes
05-904 Everyday Panned "Z" Line Chocolates Dark Chocolate Mini Caramels
05-730 Halloween Candy Corn
05-731 Halloween Mello Creme Pumpkins
05-727 Halloween Autumn Mix
05-728 Halloween Fall Festival Mix
05-729 Halloween Indian Corn
05-704 Halloween Orange & Black Spice Drops
05-701 Halloween Fancy Jelly Pumpkins
05-011 Halloween Sour Jelly Pumpkins
Halloween Smores Candy Corn
05-012 Halloween JuJu Pumpkins
Halloween Halloween Pretzels - Pumpkin Spice Flavor
05-735 Halloween Candy Corn 1oz. (Individually Wrapped)
60-117 Halloween Halloween Pretzels - Yogurt Flavor
05-021 Halloween Caramel Apple Candy Corn
05-027 Halloween Caramel Candy Corn
05-044 Halloween Blackberry Cobbler Candy Corn
05-121 Individually Wrapped Jellies Assorted Fruit Jells
05-123 Individually Wrapped Jellies Orange Jells
05-136 Jellies Spearmint Leaves
05-137 Jellies Fruit Slices
05-138 Jellies Cherry Slices
05-139 Jellies Citrus Slices
Jellies Assorted Fruit Rings
05-133 Jellies Orange Slices
05-134 Jellies Spice Drops
05-135 Jellies Gum Drops
05-194 JuJus Assorted JuJu Drops
05-714 JuJus Cinnamon Bears
05-715 JuJus Black Bears
JuJus Cherry JuJu Coins
JuJus Assorted JuJu Coins
05-751 Maple Items - Bulk Double Dip Maple Nut Treats
05-743 Maple Items - Bulk Maple Peanut Clusters
05-144 Sour Jells Assorted Sour Drops
05-725 Uniquely Flavored Candy Corn - Bulk Raspberry Lemonade Candy Corn
60-117 Valentine's Day Valentine Pretzels
Valentine's Day Sour Cherry Jelly Hearts
18-647 Valentine's Day Cinnamon JuJu Hearts
18-648 Valentine's Day Cherry JuJu Hearts
18-145 Valentine's Day Valentine Corn
18-150 Valentine's Day Valentine Mello Creme Mix
18-527 Valentine's Day Valentine Spice Drops
18-838 Valentine's Day Cinnamon Jelly Hearts
18-839 Valentine's Day Cherry Jelly Hearts
60-111 Yogurt Items Yogurt Pretzels